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POC Tech Bundles 4.24.2007 - MacIdolators Weep

The folks at Apple and all the Mac OSX fanatics love to mock windows and gloat about how secure the MacOS is in comparison.  Many have said that this is only because nobody is trying to hack it.

It turns out that a guy entered a Mac Hack contest and was able to hack one in less than 30 min. Here is an exerpt:

The hacker that won the challenge, who asked ZDNet Australia to identify him only as "gwerdna", said he gained root control of the Mac in less than 30 minutes.

"It probably took about 20 or 30 minutes to get root on the box. Initially I tried looking around the box for certain mis-configurations and other obvious things but then I decided to use some unpublished exploits -- of which there are a lot for Mac OS X," gwerdna told ZDNet Australia .

According to gwerdna, the hacked Mac could have been better protected, but it would not have stopped him because he exploited a vulnerability that has not yet been made public or patched by Apple.

Apparently apple just sent out a patch to all Macs with 25 security patches...twenty five.  I wish Microsoft would make a commercial that has the nerdy "PC guy" smack the hip cocky mac guy around.

On the Vista front, Samsung has announced a new hybrid hard drive which will couple nicely with Vista and provide significant performance and major boosts to laptop battery life.