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iPhone Phobias

(Photo from Mac Life

There are a couple of interesting articles on the coming iPhone (MacIdolater, cease worship now) I read this week.

  • First, Information Week's Alexander Wolfe posted his top 7 iPhone Questions Steve Jobs Doesn't Want you to Ask
  • Second, Mac Life asks a question that sends shivers down any Mac fan's spine - iPhone, Will it be the next Newton?  For those unfamiliar with tech history, the Newton can be studied here.  Basically Newton was technology before its time and it never really caught on - it was very cool, but did not sell so well.  It was too big, too expensive, and the handwriting recognition didn't work so well at first...but it did open a category that the PalmPilot stepped into in the late 90s to make some cash.

Anyway, the iPhone has buzz, but whether it will see longevity and market penetration remains to be seen.  My concerns:

  • No removable storage can be added 
  • Cingular network is Slllllooooow with data
  • No removable/replacable/extra battery, which sucks if..
  • Battery life may be weak
  • Price very high (though Mac people will pay)
  • 8mb is pretty small storage for iPod freaks and you can't stick a mini/microSD card in it because...well, no removable storage.
  • Lack of tactile keys for texting - you have to look right at the screen to text/e-mail
My prediction is that it will sell many of these out the door, but it may underwhelm the owners.