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Frank Beckwith has an interesting post over at First Things regarding atheist Richard Dawkin's assessment of Harvard trained paleobiologist Kurt Wise.  What is interesting is that Dr. Wise is a professor at Southern Seminary (I am currently at Southern taking a class) and a young earth creationist.

What is interesting about the Beckwith piece is that he takes to task Dawkin's lament about Wise "wasting" his talents as human being and intellectual.

Beckwith rightly calls into question Dawkin's lament of Wise in light of his atheism.  In an atheistic worldview there is no "proper use" of human faculties at all - people just do what they want with no warrant or "ought" that people could be held to.  Perhaps Dawkins does not like that Wise does not believe as he does - but an atheistic worldview has nothing to offer human beings in terms of normative function.  There is simply nothing we ought to conform to.  Now in terms of a biblical view, one can certainly waste the gifts and talents given by God.  It seems like Dawkins is stealing the cookies off the theistic shelves.