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The Unbearable Slowness of Blog...

Some of you may be wondering - why the slowdown on the POCBlog.  To be honest, I really enjoy writing and being away from the blog here shows that to me quite a bit.  Summer has been a bit of a full flow with some additional things hitting the plate. 

First, I have enjoyed doing four weddings in recent months.  It is a joy and pleasure to walk with God and young couples into the marriage covenant.  Second, I am neck deep in seminary work.  I just returned from a long week of classes - 8-6 every day.  I am now working on a very large project to complete the class.  Third, though I have not broke this publicly here on the site, I am working very hard on a future church plant in the Northeast.  We are hoping to shove our ship off into that ocean in about a year.  For now I can say a coming post here at POC is imminent outlining some of our plans.  We have just finished a brochure (the designer did a sweet job), almost finished with a video (the video dudes, did a SWEET job), and web site (the web designers did great - one of them was me, but at least the other guy did a sweet job).  Fourth, I continue to use some summer time to meet with some young dudes for whom I did their weddings last summer.  I met with one yesterday who is doing well and see another friend tomorrow. Fifth, I have this wonderful family God has given me.  I have spent some fun days at the pool with two little girls who are fast becoming mermaids and enjoyed a good date with Kasey on Saturday night.  July will have us out on the road for some needed vacation and some more seminary for me.  Then we'll exhale in August before launching our fall with all my friends at Inversion. 

Speaking of which, we have been hard at work on shaping the vision for Inversion in the fall as God has placed us on a cool track for our teaching at our Thursday night gatherings...Oh yeah, I am cranking on a re-vamp of the Inversion Fellowship web site; and since I have already overused the word - I just have to say that it is sweet :).  Props to the peoples at Church Plant Media with whom I am working on that project. By God's grace, keep your eye out for that in mid-July.

So if you were wondering - has Reid gone to sleep on the blog here?  Well, I do need more sleep, but still love the POCBlog.  I have a fun entry on weddings if they were done from a purely secular/naturalistic view - Richard Dawkins as the officiant.  Should be fun.

Your prayers are appreciated. That I would rest, get good time in Scripture, not give way to fear, and press on in confident humility.

Blessings to all my POC friends out there.