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Jacob's Well

The web site of some of our new labors and calling just went live this week.  Jump on over to www.JacobsWellNJ.org - I would love get your feedback.

Many thanks to: 

  • To my wife for being patient as I developed the site content in the wee hours of many mornings.
  • To Matt Combs, Matt Eldredge and Paul Morris for their outstanding work on the video.  Expertise and time graciously donated and done with high excellence. 
  • To Tim Challies for helping me implement the site design.
  • To Weylon Smith for designing us a great logo
  • To Megan Miller for designing a fantastic brochure (not on the site)
  • To Jesus - for saving my butt in 1992 and giving us work to do.  Humbled by his grace and passion.
Exciting times...prayerful times. Now the journey continues...Pray for all the needed provisions to come in - we hope to move in about a year.