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Micro Funding for Church Plant

A few weeks ago a friend of mine asked if the POCBlog community would be part of fund raising for Jacob's Well.  I said, I never thought of it.  Then last night an anonymous friend added an ingredient that will provide a fun online experiment for us all.  Most of you know that we are working on moving to NJ to plant churches in the coming days. We are in the process of raising funds for the project and thought this would be a great thing for all of us here at the blog to participate in.

So, most of you know that Howard Dean turned eyebrows after raising gobs of cash using the Internet in the 2004 democratic presidential campaign.  My thought is...so if this guy leveraged the power of the web to raise millions for the kingdoms of this earth, I figured we could combine to make a viral effort to raise some for the Kingdom. 

Here is the game plan:

  • An anonymous donor has offered to match all gifts to Jacob's Well up to 35 thousand dollars to get our fund raising started.  A huge blessing. That is 350, $100 dollar donations to match (or a combination of other amounts)
  • If we all chip in here I think we can knock it out as a blog community making some sort of internet/church planting history. Will be cool to see what we can do together.  Kasey and I will kick in the first $100.00.
Here's how we do it - read these instructions
  • You will need to create a user account with user name and password to give online. Please make note of this information.  Once logged in you will need to enter amount, frequency of the gift (Monthly/Yearly or One Time), select the fund “Offerings.” In the sub fund drop-down select “Jacob’s Well—Church Plant.” 
  • Click this link to contribute online.
Spread the word - post this link on your blog, MySpace, Facebook, send out to your lists etc. 

Note: All donations go into a specified church planting account managed here by Fellowship Bible Church - a member of the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability

Thanks - lets pray this thing gets viral and see how this spreads out.