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Baptism discussion

John Piper recently reflected on his good friend Wayne Grudem's view of baptism and church membership. His main thrust is that membership in a local church is dependent on them being a believer and part of the body of Christ.  He lays out a good path for accepting believers into a church without accepting their view of baptism. Dr. Grudem has replied in turn and ably interacts with Piper's concerns.  This is an important issue I am wrestling with as we prepare to plant new churches.  One quick thought on Grudem's reply.

In his reply Dr. Grudem seems to state that no churches historically, or that he knows of today, allow "membership" without first being baptized...not that I agree with this practice, but many evangelical churches have very low bars to membership that have nothing to do with baptism.

In fact, some of the more pragmatic type churches do not focus heavily on the importance of either ordinance.

A good exchange to read.