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You Might Be a Redneck...Well, sometimes you just know

Mud Pit - Belly Flop
(Photo: Nicole Fruge - AP)

Yes, if you have ever participated in the "mattress chuck" or the "ugly butt-crack contest" you need no hypothetical questions from Jeff Foxworthy to confirm your identity.  Oh, yes - welcome to the wonderful world of The Texas Redneck Games.  A few noteworthy quotes.

By the time the latest Redneck Games ended Sunday, more than 54 arrests and citations had been issued on charges ranging from public intoxication to speeding, according to the Henderson County Sheriff’s Department. Officials are considering charges against the organizer and landowners where the event was held. 

Modeled after similar games that have been going in Georgia for more than a decade, the four-day Redneck Games took place about 70 miles southeast of Dallas and included an estimated 6,000 people and live music. 

A few ideas for some new games:

  • The beer can pyramid motocross jumping competition
  • The greased armadillo toss (PETA, this is a joke)
  • The best mustache competition (women's and men's divisions)

What games would you like to see included?

(HT - Chris Cummins)