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Vacuous Christianity

My friend Tim Dees forwarded this article to me which refers to the "Christian message" today which has been somewhat emasculated.  The following is from an atheist guy named Brendan O'Neil.  After hearing arch bishop of Catebury Rowan Williams' Christmas Message, he felt compelled to write an essay entitled Mankind is more than the Janitor of the Planet.  It touches many subjects including environmental concern, the new atheism, and the old/new Christianity. It is a good reminder that while environmental issues are important concerns for Christian action and reflection, it is not the gospel.  I think you'll enjoy his insights.

Here is the subtitle for the article:

Mankind is more than the janitor of planet Earth
I am avowedly atheist. But listening to the bishops' drab, eco-pious Christmas sermons, I couldn’t help thinking: ‘Bring back God!’

When a convinced unbeliever mourns the loss of the substantial and radical Christian message, the church need listen.