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Hillary and Kangaroos Feeling it...

Some interesting news stories today on the web. First of all, contrary to some Republican's views, Hillary Clinton does seem to have emotions:

At a campaign event in Portsmouth, Clinton choked up and grew uncharacteristically emotional as she talked about her reasons for seeking the presidency in the November election.

I feel bad as I am listening to Barak Obama's audio book right now...the audacity!  Full story story here about the goings on in New Hampshire.  And no, this blog will not be commenting on "the elections." I'll let you pick your own sources for that.

Second, apparently some people in Australia are a bit upset about the new published guidelines for the humane killing of a Joey - also known as a baby Kangaroo.  Here are a few excerpts whose rhetoric I just found odd.

Australian animal protection groups questioned on Monday a new government guide for the humane killing of kangaroos which recommends "forcefully swinging" the heads of young animals against a vehicle tow bar.


"These changes are basically saying the federal government believes it's okay to blast a defenseless joey to bits with a shotgun," Pat O'Brien, President of the Wildlife Protection Association, told local newspapers.


The draft national code aims to guide people on humane disposal of orphaned joeys, which live in their mothers' pouches, after the parent has either been shot or hit by a vehicle. The code rejected sending orphaned joeys to wildlife careers.


"I think we all love kangaroos. The problem is that there are too many. What we are talking about here is responsible environmental management, because if we don't do something you won't have pastures and viable farming," an Environment Department spokesman said.

Yikes, do something...like bash the little guys and shoot em with a shot gun?  I guess the headline says it all: Kangaroo killing code draws flak from animal groups

Should we laugh or cry? I won't say which I did...poor Joeys.