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Mapple Fans Unite

Some of you must be deeply disappointed in the Simpsons...how could they...how could they get it so wrong?! We all know that Steve Jobs gives us overpriced computers, phones and MyPods because he loves us and has our good in mind.  Afterall, he gave us the greenest laptop EVER!

Simpson's Poke Fun at Apple

By the way, Jacob's Well bought one of those overpriced MacBook Pros this week to run media here in the future.  We even paid extra to have a real warranty called "AppleCare" and extra dongles so that we could actually hook it up to a video projector! To be honest, every PC I bought had a warranty and I can plug my Dell laptop up to a VGA or HDMI projector or TV without any 30 dollar dongles. But we are thankful to have our MacBook Pro on the way!

OK, I am just about bored with Mapple discussions...but one good piece of news came out this past Week...Logos for Mac is ready to go. 

(HT - Brian Lowe on the Simpsons and Zach Harrod on Logos)