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Penn says "Proselytize?"

Penn Jillette, well known for both his atheism and his star as an entertainer, shares a short story about his encounter with a kind man who gave him a Bible.  It is pretty convicting stuff if you actually hold to a belief in the biblical gospel.

His logic is pretty simple and straightforward.  If you believe in the offer of eternal life and that there is heaven or hell before us at our departure from this earth, you OUGHT TO care enough about others to tell them.  Makes sense to me...though I would want to give some concern to "how we go about telling people" we certainly need to be about the telling.

Jesus told his followers to proclaim the gospel to all...and even Penn sees the logic in true believers sharing good news. Some of Penn's stuff is not the most respectful, but this video is heartfelt, sincere and charitable.

Pray that those of us who believe would take the time to reach out to others as this man did with Penn. It seems this person understood how to approach someone with "gentleness and respect."