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Palm fans...holding on to hope

Many of us have been using devices from Palm Inc for some time. Personally, I have owned many Palms, some Handsprings and most recently a cheaply priced Centro. Palm is known today as almost an also ran that did not keep up in the smartphone race where Apple, Blackberry and recently Google Android seem to be racing forward.  Yet Palm was the pioneer and is still in the game though its market share is shrinking.

Modern Marvels, a delightful history channel staple, recently featured Palm in a show called RetroTech.  A video segment is below:

The new Palm OS, code named NOVA, is on its way to be rolled out after the first of the year at the annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES).  Whether this will be Palm's phoenix moment or whether it joins the world of dead zombie tech that did not survive the market...only time will tell. Personally, I am pulling for Palm. Its new Treo Pro running Windows Mobile and the new NOVA platform may be steps in the right direction. The palm faithful may yet rise again.