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Manhood Crisis is Solved!

OK - sometimes people's thinking is so ridiculous, off the wall and sad that it demands mockery.  In this case, it is also very funny...and sad.  I have received this video through e-mail several times over the last few days and have sent it on to many pastor friends...today I decided that the POCBlog reader might enjoy. 

A couple of pre-thoughts.  Did this guy not know that verse and chapter numbers were "added to" the writings of the Bible and not part of the inspired writings? His application of what this wonderful phrase means also is quite ridiculous. I have nothing but pity for his "this is what's wrong with our country bit" - but when he starts railing on the NIV and NKJV editors I just lose it...so the best thing to do is just laugh.

One reminder...Passion without reason and the Bible without any care of context can be dangerous things...