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Loosing my Religion...

Shortly after I was really into the REM song "Loosing my Religion" Jesus saved me and changed my whole game life game plan. Yet many travel the opposite path down the river away from churches and the infamous, eeeevil things which get labeled with the term "organized religion." 

There is an interesting article about perceptions about “religion” in the coming generation. The article is by Stephen Prothero Chair of the Department of Religion at Boston University. This being so, it is a fair assessment that his classes do not represent “a whole generation of young people” across America but I do think his editorial is indicative of the mood of the younger folk today. 

The big mistake people make today is adjusting doctrines to the “tastes” of young folk as if we change the product to “sell to the young consumer.”  Yet I do think understanding how people think helps us to communicate truth in a manner which connects with the next generation.  Anyway, I thought this might interest others as well…

Here is the link – Is religion losing the millennial generation?