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POC Bundle 3.12.2008

Some fun links flying around in today's POC Bundle

Bible Translations

  • A new format for the ESV. Also, I hear the official ESV Study Bible is slated for the fall...I know many have been waiting for that one.


  • Looks like someone is creating the Matrix...well, at least for a pendulum.  Researchers are creating a virtual pendulum that mimics the properties of a real world counterpart.   See the link here. Very cool - you might just get to be Neo after all...then again, probably not.  Although the artificial intelligence posse wants you to believe that a human being is just software running on a brain...I think there is a fundamental flaw in this thinking.  Even so, for a programmer to keep the "state" of a human being in code so that it can be mimicked seems to be infinitely complex. There are optimists and pessiments of course.
  • Some researchers are saying that we are afraid of being disconnected from technology and our interactions...interesting pdf.

The Church

  • Lots of audio/video up now from the recent Text and Context conference put on by the Resurgence.  I have heard "best conference ever" many times so I will likely try and pick a few of these to listen. Here is the link to the stuff.
  • Praying about going to this Band of Bloggers thing.  I like some young guys I met through blogs - but not sure I have the time...Should I go?