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Googling The Reason for God...

At risk of jumping for joy, the two things I like to write about most, technology and theology have strangely converged at Google.  Now I don't want to risk being labeled a Tim Keller groupie or fanboy by over posting Keller videos here at the POCBlog...so I'll let someone else do that work for me.  Everyone knows that Steve McCoy is a Keller fanboy so he has linked to Dr. Keller's recent lecture at Google. Here is his link at the Reformissionary.

Google has some cool intellectual culture where they bring in authors, host discussions for employees etc. (as a parenthetical, if you have not watch Merlin Mann's inbox zero e-mail presentation you need to for your e-mail sanity).  On March 5th they hosted Keller for a discussion of the ideas in his new book The Reason for God.  Very good - similar to the Berkeley deal, but in my opinion much better - but at Google as well - which in my mind, is much cooler. 

OK, I'll go ahead a risk fanboyism and embed it here too.