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POC Bundle - 3.25.2008

A smallish POC Bundle today... 


  • Tim Challies reviews John Eldridge's new book Walking with God - though I am more charismatic (continuationist) than Challies, I think this review makes some very important points.  
  • I just started reading a book out of the UK called Total Church.  So far the thesis of the book is great.  Churches should be centered on the gospel word, gospel mission and the community.  The community is where life is lived and the fruit of the gospel is observed.  So far, so good.  It seems to want to avoid the ditch of Emergent by focusing on community and loosing the biblical gospel.  At the same time it seems to want to reject the hyper-individualism preached in some conservative churches. I'll try to review it some day here on the POCBlog. 

Theological Reflection

  • Mars Hill Seattle has a cushy, seeker friendly Good Friday video which begins their message on atonement.  Who said the mega church has to water down the message of the cross...now I do know that this would offend the sensibilities of many church folks - but God on a tree - humiliated, brutalized, suffering shame, crucified and raised for sinners is our message.   Strong stuff.

Just for Fun

  • If God made you a hairy person, wookie-like even, and you like technology...this little device may be for you.  Silk'n - the light based, hair removal system - FDA approved and coming to a hairy back near you.