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Contest Results

Well, the contest results are in from the Together for the Gospel 08 web site.  The first question which asked was quite simple.  I can now share with you my answer to the question because I did not win.  Don't feel sorry for me, I can take an "L" every now and then.  To be quite honest I would like your opinion on the result.  First, I'll give you the winner's entry.  Then I'll share mine.  I'll report, you decide - I think mine was pretty good, and a lot funnier than the victorious submission.

Here is the question again as a refresher: If you could have anyone from history join the cast of speakers at T4G, who would it be and why?

The winning entry:

I would like to hear George Whitefield preach for two reasons. 1. Whenever I hear the term “Together for the Gospel” I think of the great quote by Whitefield. "Father Abraham, whom have you in heaven? Any Episcopalians? No! Any Presbyterians? No! Have you any Independents or Seceders? No! Have you any Methodists? No! No! No! Whom have you there? We don't know those names here! All who are here are Christians." 2. I would love to hear a man who could preach a Spirit-filled gospel message to 5,000 without the aid of a microphone."

Congrats to Joey Asbury from Greenwood, Indiana.  OK, here comes my entry, and you might see why I did not expect a guy like Mark Dever to crown this one a winner...but I thought it was funny and hope he got at least a chuckle from it as well.

This one is easy to answer – I would invite Jesus. First, it would solve all our lingering theological issues surrounding eschatology and bring closure to the cottage industry of producing bad end times films. Second, it would mark the removal of the curse, the end of death, our glorification, the resurrection of the dead and permanent joy in God – simply put; it would mean the consummation of the Kingdom. Finally, it would mean all the Baptists in attendance could drink wine with Jesus fulfilling his promise from Luke 22:18…and the Presbyterians would rejoice and welcome them to the party.

I may submit another one to the second question which is now up: Why are local churches better than pastors' conferences?