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I love the cross, but will keep my iPod

I am really not so sure why we take an ancient instrument of execution upon which God incarnate gave his life in sacrifice for sin and make it into trinkets.  Here is another installment in the history of Jesus Junk - a Cross shaped MP3 player. I guess this is supposed to make a statement but I do not know what statement. Here is how this one was reported on Engadget:

Good lord. No, really. Good lord. The TEO MP-301 MP3 player from IceTech USA crams 1GB of media storage into -- as you can see -- a very Jesus-friendly form factor. The $49 player features a built-in microphone with voice recorder, mirrored front panel, and even a little speaker. According to reviews, the player has some serious interface issues and a weak screen, but if crucifixion is your thing, you can't go wrong with this necklace cross-cum-MP3 player. Or is that the other way around? Is this an MP3 player that's also a cross? Anyway, there you have it: the cross-shaped MP3 player, indeed.

My small counsel to the kind souls which produce this sort of thing - STOP IT.  OK, now podcasts of Christ centered preaching are really great on iPods.  That is how I would rather experience "Cross" and "MP3 player" in the same sentence.  But maybe its just me...