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POC Bundle 6.6.2008


  • I still heart Ray Kurzweil - this week he is being interviewed on the New York Times.  To be honest I hope some of his predictions in this article come true...but the others, well, I hope don't work out. I still have a hard time with the idea that we should "become computers." Interesting enough, the new comphuman Cylons of the modern Battle Star Gallactica have recently declared that mortality (the ability to die) is part of what made life meaningful.  This is half true...our mortality in this life does point to its fuller meaning but is not the complete story which gives meaning...the true good news is that death can be overcome and life can rise in a new world. Life forever in a fallen world would create perpetual suffering and meaninglessness...life in a redeemed world will be beyond what any eye has seen or ear has heard...it will be better than we can imagine. 
  • This is just weird - smiley weird.

The Church

  • Mark Dever does not want video in church...I'm not persuaded, but I do think he makes a good case for why we should give care to such things. It seems Dever would say "abstain from video" on Sunday morning.  I might say "use moderation" - I would also say that the church would do well to welcome videographers and their craft in service of the Kingdom...I'll copy in the comment I left on the blog here as well:
Dr. Dever,

I think your concern is helpful but would want to know what you mean "in church" - I am assuming you mean showing videos as part of sermons. I for one would show your 9 Marks Video (just to the right here) in a church service. I also like using video thematically to transition in a service to the sermon - See these for a few small examples: 1) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MxPcX6m1_oo 2) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=__94uoHdZGo

I understand the concern you have and believe it is needed. I am thankful that you push on these things in the direction you do. When the message people come away with is "great visual" or "great video clip in that sermon" or "that illustration was awesome" rather than - I love God more, I see him more clearly, I am thankful for the gospel or I understand the Scripture which was preached...I too have concern.

Ravi Zacharias once said "The Scriptures do not say, in the beginning was...video" We must stay word centered, yet I do think video can be used in service of the word while never replacing it. In fact, I would say a good missionary to our culture would want to use technology to the glory of God - to redeem its use in God's service rather than 1)despising it or 2) making it an idol.

Thankful for IX Marks...and nice promo video btw.