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POC Bundle 7.18.2008

The Church

  • I guess Frank Beckwith has gone activist as he went to Rome.  Some of you know that Beckwith was the recent president of the Evangelical Theological Society that returned to the Roman Catholic Church - the church of his youth. He has a new book coming out from Baker entitled Return to Rome - Confessions of an Evangelical Catholic.  My guess is the title "Evangelical Catholic" may be one of interest to both Catholics who want to be more Protestants and Protestants who find Rome a bit alluring. Beckwith is a first rate philosopher and I commend his work in that arena...I do not find agreement with his recent theological reconciliations.


  • Apple says "I'm Sorry to all those Me's who are Mobile" - Apple's much hyped and oddly named cloud computing system MobileMe had a tough time getting off the ground.  Word is it is still a bit troubled.  Apple has graciously responded by giving 30 days free. But hey, no Mac person will say a word like "MobileMe is terrible" - such would be sacrilege. What we can say is this - "MobileMe is way better than .Mac!" - for we all know about the glories of .Mac. In all honesty - MobileMe (despite the name) looks pretty cool - should be free though.
  • Engadget dares to suggest that iPhone is less than the most perfect device ever created by human kind.  Does your iPhone suck? OK, don't answer that - of course not.  But are you having any of these cool issues?

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