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POC Bundle 8.07.2008

The Church 


  • I heart Windows Vista...now don't start mouthin off if you have not used it and watch Mac commercials. I have used it for 8 months and love it.  Also, Microsoft has a fun project they launched called the Mojave Experiment - check it out
  • Looking for affordable online back-up for your PC or MAC?  Check out Jungle Disk.  It is an interface for Amazon's S3 Storage solution.  Your data is stored online with Amazon's servers and the monthly fee is ridiculously small. 
  • Practice Surgery on the Wii - Why not? Surgeons Hone Skill with the Wii
  • Finally, John Mark Reynolds asks the question - Are We Distracting Ourselves to Death? and offers five practical tips for techno-sanity in our age.

Peripateo - My Walk

  • A touching story of a man who is wrestling away from a drug addiction.  ESPN Outside the Lines Feature - Getting Off the Mat.
  • John Crace from the Guardian (UK) does a sort of parody review of William Young's The Shack. Just a look at how someone from the outside views things...here is a sampling: "

    The snow lay thick and the shack was deserted when Mack arrived, but he blinked and suddenly it was spring and the forest was covered with verdant greens. "Hello, Mack," said a black woman.

    "I wasn't expecting God to be a black woman," Mack gasped.

    "That's because you've never read any quasi-liberal, religious crap like this before," God laughed. "But don't panic. I am American."

    "I'm Jesus," said Jesus. "I've got a wacky sense of humour."

    "And because I'm eastern, I've been given the job of being the Holy Spirit," Sarayu murmured, "so forgive me if I sound like a stoned hippie when I burble some meaningless mystical bollocks."

Gender Issues
  • Interesting Review of Wendy Shalit's book Girls Gone Mild - Young Women Reclaim Self-Respect and Find It's Not Bad to Be Good in the Weekly Standard.