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POC Bundle 9.19.2008

On Science

  • The new humanist takes on a book about Intelligent Design (again...yawn) 
  • Mini-me Cows are catching on - little, yellow (well maybe not yellow), different.
  • Daniel Dennett - anti-God crusader is interviewed by Search Magazine.  In case you didn't know Dennett can explain all things...and you don't have any choice in any matter.  If you cannot recognize Dennett's "God" - you are not alone.  It is a scrawny little deity that is a figment of his meat machine (brain).

Islamic Watch

The Church

  • Now someone may want to be a playa, and their wheels ain't fly...yeah, hit em up and get a pimped out ride.  But I highly suggest that it is not a good idea to "pimp my church" - this is what happens when you try too hard to be cool. If you are saying "huh" - there is a page for you to read -really, go here: huh? My favorite line: The church is as "fly" (translation - cool or hip) as we dream it and create it to be. To the brothers and sisters of this church - I'm not a hata (translation - I am for you...but this ain't fly)

General News

  • Interesting article about the intellectual acumen of today's university students. Check out On Stupidity over at the Chronicle of Higher Education.  Mr. Benton and I obviously do not share the same worldview...but I feel some common concern for the state of learning in our nation.