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POC Bundle 9.24.2008

History and Biography

It seems that George Marsden's excellent (and massive) biography of Jonathan Edwards has now been abridged into a shorter version.  From now on call this one Lil Edwards (160 pages) and the former award winning volume Big Edwards (640 pages)

On Science

Almost three years ago I preached a message entitled "Space" at the Inversion Fellowship.  It was a fun night contemplating the vast creativity of God as seen in the universe.  We showed a video clip that night...and had some massive technical difficulties.  The video was a special feature from the DVD The Privileged Planet.  Looks like someone has embedded it online in flash.  It is an awesome video which displays the biblical understatement: As high as the heavens are above the earth, so great is his steadfast love toward those who fear him - Psalm 103:11 - You can watch the video on this blog here.

The Church

Matt Chandler is now blogging and will no longer be mocking bloggers...here were his reasons for not entering the blog world:

  • I have plenty to do already and don’t want any new tasks.
  • I am not sure that writing is a strength of mine.
  • I don’t want to debate with a hyper fundamentalist from Idaho who thinks that because I don’t use the King James I am leading people to hell. (If I got a letter from that guy you know he’ll find me online.)
  • Last but not least, I desperately want to continue to make fun of blogs and bloggers. If I enter the blogosphere then it would be hypocritical to continually mock them.
Chandler is a pastor in the great nation of Texas, a passionate preacher and on the board of the church planting network with which we roll...he has also shown fine taste in naming his son...you'll do well to check out his stuff.