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Is this my blog?

What is this web site here? Oh, its my personal blog. Man, if I wasn’t very thankful for everything else filling my life I would get depressed seeing the lack of posting around here.  I do hope to continue to write here and post from time to time but there are a few other things grabbing my attention today.

  1. My wife and middle daughter have that crazy flu thing - getting better but I am juggling kids, work and caring for the sick today. 
  2. Jacob’s Well - I love the people of Jacob’s Well and the beginnings here in NJ. There are maybe two or three things which have my attention here…OK, maybe a few more than three.
  3. Last week I had a great time at the Acts 29 boot camp in Louisville Kentucky. I was able to learn much, spend time with friends, do a seminar with Dr. Gregg Allison on historical theology and church planting and some church planter assessment interviews.
  4. We also had a fun men’s boot camp on Faith, Finances and Females - we jokingly called it F-University or FU for short.  You probably find that title funny or offensive - which one are U?

Anyway, I do love Power of Change and the POCBlog is not dead; just sleeping.  Napping a bit awaiting the return of some technotheosophical nonsense.  Until then, I bit you adieu.