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POC Bundle 3.25.2009

A few nuggets for the road mid week.
  • The Church - The Wall Street Journal has an interesting short article on church planting in my home state of Virginia 
  • Apologetics - Yes, Peter Singer teaches at Princeton University - just down the road from my house. He is a very consistent atheist as Dinesh D'Souza makes very clear.
  • Technology - Palm Pre appararently has some in the software community a bit excited. See article in Business Week. Now I just hope it has decent battery life and a less than ridiculous price (for the phone and touchstone).  Some have been whispering that Dell might be interested as well.  I don't know about Michael, but I am interested and already a Sprint customer.  Also, the inevitable comparisons with the Apple phone are continuing. Fear not Apple phone users - you are still the coolest!
  • Technology/The Church - How to move a Logos install to a new computer - moving to a new laptop for a couple of weeks because mine is having screen issues.
  • Philosophy - Society of Christian Philosophers - new web site is an improvement
  • Theological Reflection - hoping to write an essay this week on Christians and government - pray that I can get that done...thanks guys.