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Check out the Long Shots


Jon Copper and Dane Randolph are long shots to make the NFL - they were successful collegiate football players but are not ringers on draft day.  They are top level athletes with a shot, even if some see that shot as being a bit long. The Washington Post has asked these guys to blog a bit about their process in trying to make an NFL team.

Jon is a guy I have met through a mutual friend named Dave.  I like Dave, even though he showed me the difference between a college quarterback's arm and a 5 fot 7 inch high school quarterback arm in 1999. Dave was Mike Vick's backup at Virginia Tech, I was a the starting quarterback at Floyd E. Kellam High School - no comparison when we threw the pig skin around at an Athletes in Action picnic so long ago.  Jon and I have interacted some through email and I look forward to meeting him in person.

I think Jon is doing a great job with his blogging opportunity both in his witty writing and in taking opportunity to weave some gospel love into his posts. It is an art to saturate your life with the gospel yet not be the pushy, obnoxious religious guy.  Jon seems to have a great stride here and I wish him well in his NFL shot and his future beyond the gridiron.  Even though he went to UVA (an enemy of both UNC and Va Tech) I will be pulling for Jon in the coming days...then I am hoping he'll become a church planter, perhaps even come to Jersey to train for that season of life as well.

You can read the two Longshots' here: http://bit.ly/TTm7W