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POC Bundle 4.04.2009


First, the classic 1948 BBC Radio debate between the Jesuit philosopher Frederick Copleston and the atheist philosopher Betrand Russel is online in transcript form. These few lines have been memorable to me ever since I heard a summary of them in the early 90s...

C: Yes, but what's your justification for distinguishing between good and bad or how do you view the distinction between them?

R: I don't have any justification any more than I have when I distinguish between blue and yellow. What is my justification for distinguishing between blue and yellow? I can see they are different.

C: Well, that is an excellent justification, I agree. You distinguish blue and yellow by seeing them, so you distinguish good and bad by what faculty?

R: By my feelings.

C: By your feelings. Well, that's what I was asking. You think that good and evil have reference simply to feeling?

Here is the link to the transcript.

Second, apparently postmodernism does not work in economics...just a few other insights.  Postmodern thought does not work epistemologically or metaphysically either. Just saying...


The Church - Sad ridiculous logic of Episcopalean "preaching" continues - Whoa...is right. 

General News - Check out the cool pictures of Earth Hour 2009 - when everybody (apparently not everybody from looking at the pictures) turned out the lights.