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Living on Mission with Jesus

Sharing the Gospel - Our Words

Sharing the gospel that saves us from sin, death and the just wrath of God always involves bringing a message to others.  The gospel is spoken in words. To share the message we must know a few things well.

Know God’s Story Well—The Big Picture Narrative of Scripture

  • Creation—God created all things and human beings in his image for a relationship of love and worship
  • Fall/Sin—We turn aside and go our own way in rebellion against God and his ways for us
  • Redemption through Jesus—Jesus lived, died and rose from death to bring us back into relationship with God
  • Restoration of all Things—God will restore all things into harmony with himself under the good and just rule of Jesus in the Kingdom of Heaven

 Know What Jesus’ Death and Resurrection Accomplishes

  • Adoption—We become children of God
  • Justification—We are forgiven, made right with God, declared not guilty
  • Expiation—Our sins are taken away
  • Propitiation—God’s wrath was diverted from us
  • Redemption—Our sins were paid for and we now belong to God
  • Reconciliation—We are brought back into relationship with God

Know How People Should Respond

  • Repentance—By God’s grace, we must turn from sin to God
  • Faith—We must trust in Christ and his work alone to make us his people

Tangibly Expressing the Gospel—The Role of Good Works

Jesus taught us to let our light shine before men so that they might see our good works and give praise to our Father who is in heaven. Our lives and works either reflect and point to the gospel or our lives will contradict the gospel. This does not mean we are perfect—nor do we preach morality.  Yet we must live lives of repentance, faith and good works with others so that our message is reinforced and see in our community. 

Our motivation in doing good works is not simply to prove the message, but flows out of love for God, love for others and a joyful response to the gospel. It is our privilege to both preach the gospel and to serve in Jesus name.