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Churches - Make a Web Site and Check it Twice

Just a quick heads up for churches out there. Every so often think about doing a quick audit of your web site. Check it over to see if any information is out of date, if any announcements refer to past events and if any links are broken and no longer work. As much as it is cool to know you had a men's ministry 9 months ago, tell me what's happening now and in the future. Your web site and/or mobile apps are your front door and represents your community. Try to keep it as current, straight and cleaned up as possible. 

As my family has looked around at various churches there are too many that leave up old dates, broken links and inaccurate information on their site. Here's a simple and good practice. At the start of a new ministry or school year, check your pages, update all dates, calendars and schedules and get rid of any old links that don't work. Even leaders can click through their site and make sure things are ship shape. A web site communicates in a myriad of ways. It is a statement of who you are, your flow and its a place to communicate to the public, your visitors and members. 

Give some care to your web site today to show that you do indeed care. A web site that is long in the tooth technologically, not up to date chronologically and neglected regularly conveys something to me. It may not be what you intend to communicate but it can say to the world "we don't really care." 

No webmaster, tech girl or guy at a church is perfect. Stuff can get off point and out of date. Just repent and go make it right. Hit up that CMS today. You know what to do tech-master.