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2019 Power of Change Annual Report

Greetings friends,

I’m very grateful to send along to you our annual report for the 2018–2019 ministry year. Our fiscal and ministry year runs from September 1 through August 31 and in the report you will find some ministry highlights as well as our financial report.

Please note there is a video introduction to the report this year and you can access that by clicking on the image at the very start of the PDF! (Here's a link to that here too)

Many thanks to all of our supporters who pray for us, give funding to the work, encourage our family, and believe in the work of Jesus in our world. A special thanks to our Board of Directors, our local pastors, my friend Weylon Smith for his design work on this report, and to my wife and kids who make life beautiful every day in the midst of all the joys and pains.


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