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The Gathering/Convergence/New Age is near

In a few hours, Mapple fans throughout the universe will unite publicly at the pilgrimage known as WWDC.  At 10am PST, those in the temple will hush into a silence and Mapple computer screens (and some PC screens - gasp!) will tune in to see what the priests have to give.  Cheaper iPhones, more flash memory, 3.0 software (that will underwhelm Pre owners) and leopards that dash about in the snow! Will Steve step out from the shadows…oh, if Steve steps out on the balcony to wave we know the spirit of the age of Aquarius might be born anew. Gizmodo and Engadget will be blogging…many will stream video.

The true believers will party, begin to smugly mock RIM and PALM and WINDOWS and generally feel good about the world again.  After all, the webOS is better than current iPhone offerings - and this is just an unbearable, impossible situation that the high priests of “i” will certainly rectify today. Right?

Why do you use...a Macintosh?

This will be the first of several “Why do you use…” posts to hear from you guys as to why you use certain technologies and products. Here I want thoughtful reasons and pithy remarks - one without the other will not do.  Not just wise cracks, I really want to know real reasons…but make it fun.

I figured I would start off with one that I know some folk may want to weigh in on:

Why do you use a Mac? (note: the question is not “why do PCs suck”)

Drop your love in the comments…