What we offer

We support and strengthen churches, share good news with students, and thoughtfully engage the culture with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Power of Change exists to serve. We would love to come alongside you to assist in impacting and influencing others for Jesus Christ. If we can assist you in anything please fill out our Speaker Request Form.


Power of Change would be honored to help you reach people with the gospel through:

  • Evangelistic speaking and university outreach events

  • Engagement in any subject related to Christian thought, cultural engagement and apologetics

  • Campus ministry events and gatherings

  • Seasonal retreats for university and college ministries

  • Men’s retreats and overnights

  • Research on subjects relating to gospel, culture and missiology

  • We have developed an equipping podcast called The Gospel Underground which works to engage with the gospel related to issues in our culture. You can subscribe on Apple Podcasts, Google Play or directly through our RSS feed.


Power of Change can offer several opportunities for growth and training to your local church and ministry. Reid Monaghan has over a decade of experience in church planting and pastoral ministry. He is happy to coach and consult with your leadership team and serve and supply your pulpit along with any training events he does with your church. 

  • Training - Shaping Evangelistic Cultures in the Local Church - Training to equip believers to thoughtfully engage people in our culture with the gospel and form a culture together that reinforces this.

  • Parenting Conference - "Love and Grace - Aiming Children in a Godward Direction" a focused treatment of gospel centered parenting from the younger years into the teens

  • Training - Navigating the Waters of Parenting and Technology - help for parents in discipling their kids in and through an increasingly technological world

  • Training - Family Worship - Helping families engage in discipleship and worship together in the home

  • Training - Preaching for the Rest of us - training for pastors and church planters related to leadership in the pulpit, connecting with people in culture and putting together culturally engaged, thoughtful sermons

  • Training - Evangelism and the Missional church - Training seminar to equip believers in evangelism in and through local communities

  • Seminar - Engaging the Joy and Commitment of Marriage (marriage enrichment)

Sample Teaching

Reid speaks to engage and equip others in various settings. The following videos are examples of his teaching from a conference he led for New England pastors in April of 2017.

Building an Evangelistic Culture Session 1 - The What and Who of Evangelistic Cultures - Acts 29 New England Region Conference 

Building an Evangelistic Culture Session 2 - How to Shape Evangelistic Cultures - Acts 29 New England Region Conference 


Reid is a phenomenal communicator, especially for the wide range of current college students. He's intelligent, relevant, personal, challenging, and above all biblical and Christ-centered. He has the mind of a professor and the heart of a pastor--and the hands of a wrestler, which always gains instant respect with the athletes. I hope to host him on my campus every year because I feel and see the impact of his brief time with my students for many weeks and months later.

And on a more personal note, I love hosting Reid because he's a spiritual mentor (and hero!) to me, offering sound wisdom and guidance gained from his many faithful years of walking with Jesus and shepherding his family. Often times it's those conversations between events and over meals that I most look forward to. It is without hesitation that I highly recommend Reid to anyone doing ministry on the college campus.

Jarrod Lynn, Director of Athletes In Action, Brown University

Reid Monaghan is easily one of the most gifted and compelling communicators of the Gospel we've had the privilege of partnering with at Princeton. He is a "no-brainer" to come and speak with our students each year. Reid offers a unique blend of interests and life experiences that allows him to elicit an enthusiastic response from a broad range of students. Reid is able to connect deeply within a multi-ethnic context, while also understanding the unique challenges of athletes and those deeply engaged in the sciences. Reid is eminently authentic and speaks to the heart with clarity and precision. Above all else, Reid passionately follows hard after Jesus and sets an example as a minister, husband, father, friend and evangelist. Any college ministry would be well served to partner with Reid. I'd anticipate that, like our students, you'll soon find your students inquiring as to when Reid will be joining you again.

Scott Jones, Lead Pastor Preaching and Vision, Jacob's Well, Former Ministry Fellow at Princeton University

Reid recently spent a long weekend with our church and served us in three beautiful ways: preaching for us, training us in shaping an evangelistic culture as a church and as individuals, and coaching our elders around some strategic staffing decisions. Our mission to lead all-set, ungospeled Bostonians to Jesus is now stronger on all three fronts. Reid is a missiological ninja with both a sharp organizational mind and an affectionate shepherd’s heart. We’re so glad he’s serving Jesus’ church with his time and energies through Power of Change and would highly recommend that any local church that is serious about gospel centrality, holiness and humility, and missional living to connect with him.

Matthew Kruse, Lead Pastor, 7 Mile Road, Melrose MA. Area Coordinator Acts 29 Boston metro.

Please use our Speaker Request Form to invite us to serve with you.