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Reid has a number of dates each year to speak in various venues. His areas of strength are with Christian apologetics, theology, cultural engagement, college athletes, biblical preaching, university students, and ethnically diverse audiences.

Reid's various ministry offerings can be found here and he's happy to work with you to focus his teaching and training according to the needs of your event.

If you would like Reid to come and serve with your church, ministry or campus organization simply complete the form below. We will be in touch as soon as possible to discuss. Thank you!

POC Speaker Request Form

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Reid does not require an honorarium in order to serve at your event. This is only one piece of information his family uses to evaluate opportunities. Our goal is not to be a financial burden but also make the best use of our time. Please let us know your approximate honorarium budget below.
We consider it an honor to be asked to serve and want to be a blessing to you and your organization. Please add any additional information for us to consider here. Even if just to say hello.