Written Resources and Study Aids


Truth and life intersect daily as we travel on our journey through this world. These short works were written to help us wrestle with issues important in our times. They are diverse in their subject matter yet maintain a single focus. We pray that these might help you see all of life in relationship to the gospel of Jesus Christ. For from him, to him and through him are all things.

Click on one of the thumbnails below to download digital copies to print or read. If interested in using for life and ministry, please see copyright and reprinting stipulations below.

The Scriptures

Gospel and Culture

Other Studies and Resources

Much of the following work was created and used in direct ministry from 1996 onward and I hope the content is helpful. As always everything here is free. 

Family Worship Resource

The Home Team - A Power of Change resource to aid you in family worship

Bible Study Worksheets

When I was a new Christian I designed these sheets to help me read the Scriptures with care and focus. I found the passage guide particularly useful.

  1. Book Study
  2. Chapter Study
  3. Passage Study

Worldview - Developing a Christian Mind for Film

The following are simple film viewing discussion guides we developed when training others in worldview and Christian Apologetics.  They can serve as samples for thinking about the various things being conveyed through the modern day story telling of film.

  1. Interstellar
  2. Unbroken
  3. Gattica
  4. Contact
  5. The Matrix
  6. The Fellowship of the Ring
  7. Signs

A Two Part Course in Christian Apologetics

This course was written when I was on staff at Fellowship Bible Church in Nashville, TN. The course was developed and taught in our equipping center. The first part deals with how we use Apologetics in our world as we witness. The second part develops specific apologetic content for strengthening the believer and answering questions/objections to the faith.

  1. Apologetics 1 - Apologetics Method
  2. Apologetics 2 - The Content of Apologetic

A Real Man - The Search for God's Definition of Manhood

These studies were written for college students wrestling to understand the strengths and weaknesses in understanding our masculinity. Many thanks to Stu Weber and his work "Four Pillars of a Man's Heart" for inspiring this study and the publisher for their gracious permission for use.

  1. Introduction - Leader's Guide, Participant
  2. A Man as King - Leader's Guide, Participant
  3. A Man as Warrior - Leader's Guide, Participant
  4. A Man as Mentor - Leader's Guide, Participant
  5. A Man as Friend - Leader's Guide, Participant
  6. Character of a Man - Leader's Guide, Participant
  7. PMS for Men - Leader's Guide, Participant
  8. Husband and Father - Leader's Guide, Participant

Developing a Christian Worldview

These short studies were developed using J. Budzizewski's book "How to Stay Christian in College" and were used directly with college athletes.

  1. Introduction - Leader's Guide, Participant
  2. How God Sees the World - Leader's Guide, Participant
  3. How the World Sees Itself - Leader's Guide, Participant
  4. Myths about Knowledge - Leader's Guide, Participant
  5. Myths about Love and Sex - Leader's Guide, Participant
  6. Talking with Non Christians - Leader's Guide, Participant

Copyright and Reprinting: We give full permission to use our resources and booklets in life and ministry provided you do NOT alter the wording in any way, you do not charge a fee beyond the cost of printing, and you do not make more than 100 physical copies. If you desire to make more copies we ask that you submit a request in writing to reid {at} powerofchange.org. Any reuse of the content (i.e. quotations in other works) contained in the booklets must be properly cited according to common bibliographic conventions. © 2012 Reid Monaghan.