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Colossians series intro video

Subversion - Jesus as Lord in the Book of Colossians from Reid Monaghan on Vimeo.

Christ Jesus is Lord…

With such a simple phrase God was subverting the powers of the earth and raising up the kingdom of his chosen one. Throughout history humanity has ruled one another through kings and potentates, small sovereigns who made big claims to power, dominance and authority. Many more have been dominated and subjected by their fear of spirits, false religion and the basic forces of the world. Yet one king arrived humbly on the earth and went to the grave executed as a criminal. That same king arose triumphantly over death and then led a mission throughout the world by the power of the Spirit and the proclaiming of good news. This king was called kurios, Lord and Master, by subjects of the ancient empire that was Rome. To declare Jesus as kurios is hard enough for humanity that so often chooses self-exaltation; it was utterly subversive in a culture where only Caesar was due such title. Jesus subverted all powers and every empire and brought a new Kingdom of love and light under the rule and reign of God.

Join us in the new year for our study Subversion – Jesus as Lord in the Book of Colossians to see that the first and foremost ruler of all is the incarnate creator God himself. Jesus, the Lord…new teaching series beginning at Jacob’s Well on Sunday January 23rd

Introduction to Colossians

Subversion, Jesus as Lord in the Book of Colossians

I just finished up an introduction to Colossians for the peeps at Jacob’s Well.  We’ll be giving these out next Sunday but I thought some of you guys might enjoy here at the POCBlog. I would throw it up as a blog entry but it would be too long.  I would then break it up into a gigillion small blog entries but I have not the time to do that. So…I’ve put it in a PDF and linked it to the image above.