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More Crazy Behavior...

More evidence that Western Popular Culture is heading towards savagery. Last night we simply shut down the Super Bowl half-time show and missed quite a show. It seems that entertainers will go to no ends to shock people and push envelopes. It seems there is quite an outrage because of the vulgarity of the show - but is it not a bit ironic that the very next show on CBS last night was "Survivor" - featuring a fully naked man with a small fuzzed out screen area. A few more quotes from Chesterton:
  • Before one takes down a fence, one should ask why it was there in the first place...
  • Meaninglessness does not come from being weary of pain, meaninglessness comes from being weary of pleasure
From the sports world today we often see more of the same - sexual assaults, violent celebrations (Boston, last night), etc.. Yet there are bright spots there as well - we are priviledged to work with many of those. February is always a crazy month for me. I will likely write between 300-400 e-mails this month (seriously). Between planning our AIA retreat, recruiting and corresponding with students applying/interested in the Czech Project, and serving the local VTAIA ministry - this month seems to be a flurry for us. There is a part of me which likes the activity, part of me which loathes it. I am praying that I make the time for reflection, study, and a little bloggin here and there this month. So far God has been faithful and is keeping me hungry for his Word. Out