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Excellent New Resource

Reading a bit online this morning and ran across a great new resource put together by The Jesus Film Project of Campus Crusade for Christ. The Resource "Jesus - Fact or Fiction" is an interactive DVD with extensive video interviews with scholars across the spectrum of expertise. The DVD contains:
  • Over 50 Questions answered about Jesus, The Bible, Spiritual Truth, God, and Life After Death
  • Expert Scientists, Philosophers, Historians, Theologians and more address life's toughest questions
  • Personal Biography and Life Story of each expert
  • Personal Life Stories of people whose lives have been changed by Jesus
  • Supporting Articles for further review of a subject via a PC DVD ROM
  • Suggested Reading Materials
  • The award-winning feature film "JESUS," with new interactive apologetic features
  • Full-length Audio Commentary of the film by Paul Eshleman
  • Making of the film "JESUS"
  • How to Use Journey
  • Navigational Map insert
The web site associated with this resource also has a tremendous wealth of video and information - highly recommended - http://www.jesusfactorfiction.com Out ...