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So many airplanes…

The last few days I was in Xenia Ohio for some speaker’s training. AIA has recently rewritten its “Biblical Principles for Athletic Competition” and is rolling out the materials to all of its teachers around the US. It was a great few days with friends and especially rich as I was able to travel with Mike Echstenkamper, the man who led me to the Lord. We left from Raleigh, NC and flew through Washington on route to Ohio. It was so good to catch up with him, share what is going on in life and hear some wisdom from a friend. The speaker’s training was excellent and I had several meetings with people I serve with in AIA. It was a good time of connecting and also a time of prayer for me as I ponder the next stage of life and ministry. Mike and I also stayed together with a staff couple new to the ministry; their testimony of how God brought them to AIA, after coaching basketball for 17 years, was a powerful story of people following God into the unknown in the next step of their journey. After a packed 2.5 days (sorry for the decimal notation, my math/physics background lingers) Mike and I hopped two planes back to Raleigh – we arrived home weary at about 1 am. The next morning Kasey, Kayla, Kylene, and I engaged more airports on our way to visit with my Mom in Memphis, TN. We are excited to spend some of our spring break time here with my Mom and family.