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Boxed in and all booked up!

These days, life is starting to get a little crazy. An armada of boxes has assembled in my home threatening an all out invasion any day now. If that were not enough, the seminary class I ordered (an external studies class) arrived late with an abundance of books to read and papers to write. Life will be in flux for quite a while now, but I have noticed my prayer life deepening as a result. I don't like chaos that much and as much as I can with my feeble efforts try by God's grace to order my world as much as possible. Case in point. Last night I couldn't sleep because I was thinking about how I will get all our "stuff" (save that for another blog) into a moving truck. To confirm I am one weird dude, I got out of bed and produced the following: Yes, Mom - that is strange - but I hope it packs well - :) On a more sober note, a friend of mine e-mailed today with news that his wife has cancer. A very operable one with a good prognosis, but still a very humbling piece of news. Praying for him today. Out ...