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One final stop on the AIA Journey

I am on my way to Xenia, OH location of the AIA World Training and Resource Center for some meetings with my campus ministry brothers and other leaders of the organization. It has been a great road with AIA – Kasey and I have been involved with the ministry as students and staff for some twelve years. It is hard to imagine our lives apart from AIA, which has made the last few weeks a bit difficult as we transition our various responsibilities. This week I will say some goodbyes to some great friends and soldiers for the cause of Christ; I will miss them dearly. Although I hope to see people from time to time reality is that our paths will be less intertwined. How will that feel two years from now, or five? I am just hoping and praying that Kasey and I will develop deep relationships and camaraderie where we are heading. We are hopeful to that end and thankful for the AIA friends the Lord has given.