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Logic and a Three Year Old

I have recently begun an adventure that I am currently calling Logic with a Three Year Old. I am seeking to acquaint my daughter Kayla with the fundamentals of thinking (and a philsophical realism) and it has produced some fun and hilarious moments. We may not make it all the way towards something like this:
  1. Being Is (B is) = The Principle of Existence.
  2. Being Is Being (B is B) = The Principle of Identity.
  3. Being Is Not Nonbeing (B is Not Non-B) = The Principle of Noncontradiction.
  4. Either Being or Nonbeing (Either B or Non-B) = The Principle of the Excluded Middle.
  5. Nonbeing Cannot Cause Being (Non-B > B) = The Principle of Causality.
  6. Contingent Being Cannot Cause Contingent Being (Bc > Bc) = The Principle of Contingency (or Dependency).
  7. Only Necessary Being Can Cause a Contingent Being (Bn → Bc) = The Positive Principle of Modality.
  8. Necessary Being Cannot Cause a Necessary Being (Bn > Bn) = The Negative Principle of Modality.
  9. Every Contingent Being Is Caused by a Necessary Being (Bn → Bc) = The Principle of Existential Causality.
  10. Necessary Being exists = Principle of Existential Necessity (Bn exists).
  11. Contingent being exists = Principle of Existential Contingency (Bc exists).
  12. Necessary Being is similar to similar contingent being(s) it causes = Principle of Analogy (Bn — similar → Bc).

Geisler, Norman L. Baker Encyclopedia of Christian Apologetics. Baker reference library. Grand Rapids, Mich.: Baker Books, 1999.

But we have started with 1 (being) and 2 (indentity) and are slowly moving to non-contradiction and excluded middle. Methodilogically we are using funny little song/poem/couplets to have fun with this - we giggle and laugh and have a great time :) She already gets #1 (in fact, most of these are self-evident to most people). 1. Something is! 2. Here is where we are today: Something is, what something is A dog is a dog, a cat is a cat Annnnnnnnd a cat's not a dog and a dog is not a cat The Law of Identity - how about that! Anyway, further evidence that I am weird.