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I love my family deeply and when they are sick or hurting it takes a toll on us all. The past few days our little baby has been sick and now my wife has come down with an intestinal issue as well. I hope that it will soon pass and their health will soon return. Tonight we had our first gathering of leaders for our new young adult ministry - Inversion Fellowship. I am thankful to work with the next generation and to help them see and savor God - to love him with their minds, to think, to care, to set their hands to a Kingdom plow to be agents of redemption in culture and the world. Continuing a read in the life of Jonathan Edwards - the question now is can one accept the theological vision of a thinker, yet reject parts of his metaphysical framework - I think yes. It has been good to linger some days in the 18th century - in the fresh and difficult soil of the new nation - soon to be called the United States. It has been a great progress for me not to romanticize eras past (be it the 13th century Christian philosphers, the birth of the University, and faith/reason in concert together, or the fresh fires of the Great Awakening in Edwards time) while feeling the fresh breeze of history upon the soul. It is a great debt I owe to many people who encouraged me to think, to read, to read old books, and history. Out...