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The Anatomy of Another Sort of Great Week

Well, a few weeks back, well - I had a great week. Things were peachy and smooth. Stuff was just on point - things fell in place - God blessed our ministry and family relationships in a powerful way. This week is great, but not because it was GREAT! It was part of the struggle of life in a sin sick fallen world, but life to be thankful for nonetheless. First, my 1 year old got sick - always hard to see little one's in pain. Next, the stomach monster went from Ky to Momma. When Mom is sick - life gets chaotic. All the brothers out there who are Dads can say "Amen" with me at this time. I also learned about myself during this "down time" - I had planned to finish 5 seminary papers doing Biblical theologies on NT books/themes. The papers due date had been extended from late Nov, until the end of Dec. They were due before 2005. The sickness was going to require my papers to be late - and affect my grade perhaps. For some reason this frustrated me privately. I knew the right thing to do was to be with my kids and love them while Mom was out of commission. I knew this to be right, I felt it to be right - it just was right. And I felt great purpose in caring for my family. But for some reason, in a separate part of the soul, I just was disappointed about my papers laying around late. Sometimes I just care about silly stuff, getting all As, knocking every ball out of the park. But this was a great week because God broke through into my stupidity. I just was able to not care if the papers were late or not - it just ceased to bother me. And when it became time to write the last one. It came out with great fluidity. A grace was on the process so that it finished much quicker than I anticipated. There is great sorrow in this world, and we have but very small problems. I am thankful that this week was hard...another sort of week that in some provendential economy is good for us as well. Out...