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Psalm 12 - Different Words

Psalm 12 In this present age there is a a contrast in Words

The world and its words

  • Uttering lies to his neighbor
  • Flattering lips and a double heart - they speak
  • The tongue makes great boasts
  • Rhetoric is seen as the triumphant tool - With our tongue we will prevail

God and his Word

  • Pure Words (no falsehood or pretense - life giving...His Word is kept - we can trust them.

God indeed responds to those who are poor and plundered. He hears the cries of the oppressed. The Psalm ends with a great promise...You, O Lord, will keep them, you will guard this generation forever. Even in the midst of a troubled world, full of wickedness, vileness, and sin - God will bring his people safely home - even through death.