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The Refuge of a Great Shadow

Psalm 17 - The Refuge of a Great Shadow In this Psalm David is crying out ot God in the midst of trouble - surrounded by enemies. The Psalm is segmented out first in a Plea for God's help. David pleads his case based on his righteous life - he was not a deceitful man. He had been tested by God and proven true in his way. He was not perfect in his soul - a sinless man - but rather in this circumstance in his life he had walked well in the midst of those who pursued his llife. Next we see David's petition for god to hear his words. As with many of the Psalms, here we see the expressed need for a person to be heard by God. Being cognizant of God's hearing is a great reassurement to God's people. David then asks God to Wondrously show (Heb. palah - also used in Psalm 139:14 - in stating that we are fearfully wonderfully made as human beings) his steadfast love to those who seek refuge with Him. David's continued request for refuge from his enemies (described in 10-11 as pitiless, arrogant, a lion eager to tear, lurking in ambush) continues using a couple of idiomatic phrases:
  • Keep me as the Apple of your eye - a very sensitive part of the eye - apple, center, or pupil - needs to be protected
  • Hide me in the Shadow of your wings - a phrase indicating intimate care and protection.

David calls upon the Lord to confront this enemy. It is interesting that David's description of his enemies describes them as holding a different value system than his own. David's portion is with the Lord - his good, his value is found in God. In contrast, his enemies portion is of the world - in this life alone...they value only the treasures of this life. They are worldlly in their outlook. David closes the contrast by saying he values - the face of the Lord, beholding it in righteousness - when he awakes (this seems to point to a ressurected future - awake from death) he will be satisfied with God.