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How To Score in Church

I have just been listening to a recent radio broadcast by Mark Dricoll, a pastor at Mars Hill Church in Seatle, Washington. The topic of the show, a recent issue of Maxim Magazine, a soft core porn men's rag, which put the following in its pages in the September issue: How To: Score in Church: The pews are packed with heavenly bodies. God bless you. Apparently this magazine is encouraging dirt ball guys to "go to church" to try to find girls to hook up with. Ladies, be wary of the guys lurking around - if they do not know Jesus and are about his business, you may want to keep your distance. Maxim - how creative! Encourage little boys (that you call men) to chase women in churches trying to score. Let me give some advice from Driscoll to pastor's who lead ministries that include young single women. If you find these kind of dirt ball guys hanging around, stalking the ladies, you need to give them "the right hand of fellowship to the jaw" .