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The Songs of Peter Singer

A rather long discussion going on at the Evangelical Outpost surrounding the so-called ethics of Peter Singer. This is the same guy who has endorsed bestiality (see article in the Daily Princetonian) in some cases... Some good advice at the end of the article:

But Singer is trying to push the envelope. In his world of extremes, if bestiality can be pushed into philosophical discourse, then the debate over whether Boy Scouts should have gay scout leaders or over San Francisco's new sex-change policy for municipal employees starts to seem quaint. If he busies mainstream Americans with trying to put out brush fires like this one on our left fringe, then the long, slow burn in the center of the culture war becomes less relevant. It becomes almost...normal. And that's what radicals like Singer want.

We should know what guys like this are saying, but we should continue to advocate the good, the right and the true with our intellectual efforts - and not only chase around arguments of people advocating bizarre things. Use him as "Exhibit A" perhaps, but focus on why the life of babies matter, what life is, when it begins, why it is valuable... Out...