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The Life of David Brainerd

MP3s of God's truth, lofty words, beatuiful teaching, testimony to saints gone before, has many days lingered in me to lift me out of dark days of soul. To dream, to hope, to long for God - I have been aided immensely by Ravi Zacharias and John Piper - they have been frieds to point me to Truth and the God of all Truth. This morning a long traffic jam afforded a lengthy listening to a biography on the life of David Brainerd. Brainerd, who lived but to the age of 29, who for the last 7 years of life literally spit up blood due to chronic tuberculosis...all the while giving himself to missions to the Indians in New England. Living in lonely isolation, sick and many times depressed this man's life has become an inspiration to so many. A few quotes - these come from "The Life of David Brainerd" by Jonathan Edwards:
O I longed to fill the remaining moments all for God! Though my body was so feeble, and wearied with preaching and much private conversation, yet I wanted to sit up all night to do something for God. To God the giver of these refreshments, be glory forever and ever; Amen." (p. 246) February 21, 1746. "My soul was refreshed and comforted, and I could not but bless God, who had enabled me in some good measure to be faithful in the day past. Oh, how sweet it is to be spent and worn out for God!"
I continued wrestling with God in prayer for my dear little flock here; and more especially for the Indians elsewhere; as well as for dear friends in one place and another; till it was bed time and I feared I should hinder the family, etc. But oh, with what reluctancy did I find myself obliged to consume time in sleep!"
Highly recommended reading - and if reading is a challenge, listen to the audio version - you can aquire that as well:

Linger well outside of our present age which is indeed fading away - and long that your hearts might dwell on wonderful, glorious, light giving, things which are eternal Out...